2018 Values Based Leadership Awards

Jan. 09, 2019

(Left-Right: Adrian Ritchey, Ramesh Patel, Rich Eader, Greg Fetters; missing from photo: Ed Anderson, Luis Herrara)

Every year at our annual Christmas party, we recognize 5 employees for their hard work and representation of our core values. Mellott Company strives to integrate the values of Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, and Excellence into all aspects of our work. Congratulations to our 2018 winners!

Greg Fetters has worked in our service department for over 20 years and is the winner of our safety award. Greg’s enthusiasm for the safety incentive program is evident in the number of Safety submittals he has provided.  Greg is one of our top participants in the program.  He has a keen eye for safety and has made many improvements to the operation.  His example of participation builds enthusiasm within our culture and establishes employee ownership for safe behavior and awareness.  Greg has been with Mellott Company for over 20 years.  His leadership in safety is a model for all employees to follow.  Thank you, Greg, for embracing our Safety culture and leading by example.    

Adrian Ritchey has worked in our engineering department for several years and is the winner for our integrity award. Adrian’s tireless efforts as a lead designer inspires Trust and Confidence.  This year required significant sacrifices of his personal time to work extended hours for several months in an effort to meet project delivery dates.  He also missed minimal time during the birth of his second child to keep work flowing.  He maintained perfect attendance in the Penn State University management development class that was held during evening hours most Mondays throughout the year.  His dedication to the Company and his career is admirable.  He stepped up in his career by becoming the Engineering Office Manager this year demonstrating his engineering competency and ability to lead.  We are looking forward to the development of Adrian’s career throughout the years to come.    

Ed Anderson has worked in our fabrication shop for over 30 years and is the winner of our commitment award. Ed’s cooperative and amiable personality makes him one of the most likeable guys on our Team.  Ed has been with Mellott Company for over 30years and has served in the Fabrication and Crushing operations in recent years with equal enthusiasm and work ethic.  He is a guy that simply does what is asked and continues to perform day after day.  His example of long-term commitment helps to achieve stability within our Team and builds the confidence that we have in one another.  Thank you, Ed, for your commitment to Mellott Company.  Your dedication and positive approach to everyone with whom you work is appreciated.     

Rich Eader has worked in our parts and sales departments for many years and is the winner of our respect award. Rich’s level of professionalism on the job sets a high standard for his team.  His professional demeanor is evident on the phone as well as in person and helps to build the confidence that our customers have in Mellott Company.  His ability to promote constructive relationships and build teamwork is essential to our success.  Rich has been a long-term member of our parts sales team and is an example of the high standards required to operate our business successfully. Thank you, Rich, for your ability to support our team and represent Mellott Company well.       

Luis Herrera has worked at Marion Machine in service and fabrication for several years. Luis arrives and departs every day with a smile on his face at Marion Machine.  He is hard-working and proud of his contribution to the Team. He is always on the move -cleaning, organizing, and assisting in any area of the business. Luis’s dedication to his family, co-workers and friends is also evident in his work.  Thank you, Luis, for your enthusiastic approach to life.  We can all learn from your daily demonstration of being a champion of our Mission, Vision and Values. 

New in 2018: Paul C. & Forrest R. Mellott Annual Leadership Award

Ramesh Patel has been with Mellott Company since June 2000. His leadership and team building have added to Mellott Company's success. He served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for 14 years, leading strategic planning and execution. He transitioned to Vice President of Organizational Development in the last 4 years and has focused his attention to employee development. His keen interest in employee development is evident in the development of Mellott University. Ram has been connected in every way to Mellott University since the beginning. He's recently found notes on the concept as far back as his early days of employment in 2001. His tenacity for "getting things done" and "making things happen" brought the original concepts of Mellott University to fruition and built a solid training curriculum that can be applied in the industry for years to come. In addition to the Service and Crushing curriculum that has been in place for several years, Ram developed the Management Development Program in concert with Penn State University this year to further develop our growing team of managers. Ram's passion for teaching, mentoring and coaching employees clearly demonstrates his true leadership qualities.

We are proud of our employees and appreciate all of their hard work that makes our company successful!

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