2019 Value Based Leadership Awards

Dec. 20, 2019

(from left to right: Chris Mellott, Randy Bates, Tom Hixon, Ronnie Teeters)

Every year Mellott Company recognizes 5 employees for their hard work and implementation of the core values Mellott Company practices into their work life. These values are Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Respect and Excellence. Congrats to our 2019 winners!

George Clippinger moved to Marion, NC last year and immediately began to have an impact.  His loyalty and commitment to the company was evident from the moment he expressed an interest in relocation.  He immediately fit into the culture.  It didn’t take him long to make close friends and align his passion with the people of Marion Machine.  He has taken a lead role on Safety initiatives and serves as one of the leaders on the Safety team.  His keen interest in safety and leadership ability is helping to develop the culture.  George demonstrated his care for people when he opened his home to Luis Herrera during Luis’s difficult last days.  The care that he has for people flows into his work life and is the ideal characteristic for promoting a healthy and safe culture.    

Randy Bates is a steady contributor within the Mellott team who inspires trust and confidence.  His consistent professionalism and technical abilities build a strong circle of trust inside and outside the company.  He is the kind of individual who strengthens any team he joins.  We enjoy and appreciate Randy’s steadfast loyalty and dedication to his internal and external customers.  His authenticity and confident pursuit of excellence helps drive Mellott Company toward success.       

Ronnie Teeter's commitment to the service department and his career is surpassed by few in the industry.  His consistent and responsive decisions, actions and leadership have helped to build the service department into what it is today.  Their success is due partly to Ronnie’s mechanical ability and the trust he has been able to develop with the customer.  His skills as a mechanic is a valued asset to the company.  He demonstrated a desire to grow his career with the company and that kind of commitment is appreciated.  We are fortunate to have Ronnie’s skill, abilities and career pursuits working for Mellott Company.   

Chris Mellott's skills on the job and involvement in the community demonstrate his ability to work within a team and promote constructive relationships. Chris' unwavering support to all areas of the company is recognized and widely appreciated. He adds value to every team with which he is involved. His involvement in coaching soccer at McConnellsburg High School is where he has an opportunity to share his passion for the sport, as well as demonstrate his ability to form and lead a team. This ability is also evident in his work life. He has added value in crushing services, as well as system sales, through engineering support for crushing jobsites, plant layouts, 3D design engineering, cost estimation, safety documentation and project management. His skills are a valued commodity within our Mellott team.

Tom Hixon's versatility in the Fabrication shop and specific machining skills add tremendous value to the team.  His versatility and cross training provide him the skills to operate all the equipment in the machining area.  He is also a proven fabricator and assembler.  Tom has been with Mellott Company for over 20 years and has helped drive his team toward excellence.  His ability to achieve results on a daily basis is what helps to provide the foundation for continued success in the Fabrication shop.  Tom is a valued member of the Mellott Team. 

Roger Ritchey: Our final award winner is recipient of a new award introduced in 2018, the Paul C. & Forrest R. Mellott Annual Leadership Award. This award is in recognition of outstanding leadership qualities demonstrated through personal and organizational successes. The recipient has demonstrated leadership in Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, and Excellence and is hand selected by Paul, Herm, and Brian Mellott.

This employee has also worked for Mellott Company for at least ten years, recieved a nomination from their senior manager, and has gone above and beyond achieving all of their goals set out for the year. This years' winner was Roger Ritchey. Congrats Roger for all your hard work you have done for Mellott Company!  

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