A big mining company uses this to keep their trucks moving!

May. 06, 2015

Caption: Haul trucks equipped for uptime with Metso Trellex products.

Few mines are faced with conditions as harsh as Boliden’s Aitik copper mine, in northern Sweden. The mine has signed a three-year contract to use Metso truck-bed linings for 15 of their 30 haul trucks. Metso’s Trellex rubber lining provides longer wear life compared to a traditional steel lining and results in a service life that is up to four times longer and also in lower maintenance costs. As a distributor for Metso products, Mellott Company can provide the exact same liners on the American markets.

“During the past two years, we have evaluated Metso’s truck bed lining through our existing life-cycle services contract for our CAT 793 Flat, CAT 793 DS, and CAT 795 Flat truck-models. We have appreciated the increased availability of our trucks. We also value the benefits from a health-and-safety perspective: our truck drivers prefer driving the trucks equipped with Metso’s lining, due to the reduced noise level and vibration during operation,” says Magnus Fjellström, maintenance superintendent from Boliden Aitik. For improved uptime of your haul trucks, Mellott Company provides and installs Metso Trellex products in its North American marketing area.

--with excerpts from “Results—Minerals & Aggregates Magazine”. Image: Metso Trellex Brochure, No. 2745-05-12-SBL/Trelleborg-English

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