Bouncing Back with Ram!

Jan. 03, 2022

Roger Reimold, Justin Mellott and Ramesh Patel


Back in the day, a Monday to be exact, June 12, 2000, Ramesh Patel started at Mellott as a Senior Vice President. Ram, as he became known, came out of his retirement to work at Mellott because, “I was in good health, did not want to be idle, had lots of education and experience, and liked working with people, all those reasons contributed towards my decision to work after retirement. Selection of Mellott to work was simple. They were there when I needed them most and I saw an opportunity to use every skill I had.” When asked about his most memorable experiences, Ram had this to say, “Soon after joining Mellott, the system group experienced a major failure of a plant they designed. Being part of the team, that within 4 months, turned around an extremely difficult situation is my most memorable experience at Mellott.”  When asked what he was most proud of, Ram had this to say, “Building an ‘Independent Management Team’ that can run the business of Mellott with or without Mellott Family involvement was my assignment at hire, and that is exactly what we have today, and I am proud of it. Mellott University is another one of the achievements I am equally proud of.”

When you ask anyone about Ram, they always have amazing stories and endearing moments to share, he is truly one of a kind. Ram has given each person here at Mellott pearls of his wisdom and he will truly be missed. Ram expressed what he will miss the most when he said, “I love working with people, solving problems, and keeping the team of skilled people working together. That is what I will miss the most.” His final word of advice when asked was “Mellott is a 100-year-old free enterprise that provides opportunities to many people in the area to achieve their American dream. As long as one elects to work at Mellott, do your job diligently so it will grow to 200 years old. You may not need it, but many others will. This is my humble advice.”

Ram’s funniest stories are nothing short of a hoot, he shared, “Asking Tracy Mellott to chase away a huge snake in a bush outside of my office window, standing outside with Terry Randall and Rich Blake, watching smoke pouring out of what looked like Terry Randall’s room at Hilton at Heathrow Airport in London or dressing up as a gun toting Mexican prior to departing for a visit to Mexico for a distributor search, would be a few of the many funny events.” I asked if he planned on joining a mariachi band now that he was retired for good, and he said, “I can dress up for mariachi band, play Harmonium/Indian musical instrument and sing out of tune, so why not?”

No matter what memories people have involving Ram, the common denominators in all of them, are that they are both amazing and unique. Ram said he is most looking forward to “strengthening family ties, enjoying life like a preschooler without worries, schedules or structure and to just do simple things.” Boy am I jealous of Ram!

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