Case Studies Discover the Benefits of Cutting-Edge Screen Media

Oct. 22, 2021

Screen paneling media are the hinges that the aggregate industry’s door turns on. Hinges are not the most fun part of the door to install but you need them to have a door that opens and closes correctly with no sticking and squeaking. 

Screen media and wear parts are very similar to hinges. They aren’t very exciting, but they are very essential in creating a specific product – and in keeping your plant on schedule so that it’s producing viable material and improving sales.

Customers are searching for the size and quality they want, whether they are a private individual working on a project at home or a company building a highway. Without the correct screen, those specific needs can’t or won’t be met. Every aggregate plant needs screen media that can deliver sizing and high quality

Anybody can crush a rock. Choosing the right screen media fit can be more complicated. Mellott Company has industry-proven options for your screen media needs. 

Enter New Screen Media Technology 

However, with so many types of screens and systems to choose from, we wanted to test out a new modular panel system that might become your preferred option in screen media.

We chose The Metso Outotec Trellex 305PS Panel System for several case studies. These panels are made of a rubber and polyurethane blend never seen before in the screen media industry. 

The 305PS also uses the most common modular size of a 305x305 mm (1’x1’) module to make a seamless installation. Another added bonus is this new panel media can handle almost any application.

Mellott Company Conducts Case Studies

Mellott Company installed a line of the 305PS next to a customer’s current panels to find out how the 305PS are better than competing panels. After taking some time to observe the new panels, we have observed some key distinctions between the new screen media and the other media.

Take a look at the list below and you will find all the main areas in which the 305PS has shown superiority over the other panels.


1. Easier for you to install

All you need to install your own 305PS Panel System is an automatic drill and a specific bit designed and manufactured by Trellex. No need to bring a bulky toolbox with you. The new polyurethane chemical technology makes this screen very flexible.

You’ll have no problem fitting them into panel decks with limited space and no hassle during the entire installation process. 

2. Easier for you to replace

While the modular 305x305 mm system is not unique to the 305PS Panels, it is considered the future panel media because of how easily it can be repaired and replaced.

Instead of prying up numerous nails and removing an entire section of wire or rubber panel, you can simply remove screws from their sleeves in the panel deck and replace the worn-out or damaged section. It doesn’t matter how big or small that problem section is. Any major production inconvenience can be avoided.

3. Safer for you

Wire cloth paneling can be very heavy and bulky to move around. Its installation and upkeep require more manpower, more time, and a lot more hammer power. Moving in and out of smaller decks and spaces with more weight can be dangerous to operators performing the repairs or installation. 

The 305PS Panel System’s 1’x1’ design is lightweight and highly portable.  In fact, modular panels can also offer significant noise and dust reduction, which can improve overall health and safety at your plant in the long run.

4. Longer Lasting 

During our case studies and customer demonstrations, we discovered the durability and strength of the 305PS Panel System.

The panels, which are built to last, sagged less and did not wear down quickly. Next to the competing panels, they showed more potential for longevity. Using a polyurethane panel system that stays stronger longer means less money spent on replacement and repair. 

Ready to try the Trellex 305PS Panel System?

At Mellott Company, we’ve been helping customers test and find screen media for over 50 years. While we have a long history with a lot of experience, we also look to the future to bring you the latest and greatest innovations in the aggregate industry. 

If you are looking to purchase the 305PS Panel system, to test it out for yourself, or to select another panel system, we are here to help. 

Don’t hesitate to give us a call today, and our highly capable team will be happy to meet your application wants and requirements. 

Please visit our brand new ecommerce website for easy browsing and purchasing. 

We want to work with you to find the best fit today.

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