Congress gives us $305 Billion

Dec. 08, 2015

Mellott Company Metso rock crusher transportation

Well, by “us” we don’t mean “Mellott Company”, we mean “USA”. For the first time in a long time, Congress has passed, and the President has signed into law, a multi-year surface transportation act, worth $305B. As a member of the construction materials industry, Mellott Company looks forward to what this federal spending will mean.

We are pleased to see that safety gets a sizable consideration in the bill as this touches on one of our core values.

Most of the bill is concerned with highway funding. Because we service the quarry industry, which provides materials to build roads, we think this will mean that our customers can now commit to higher levels of spending to upgrade their plants and systems to meet the demand of this bill.

The bill also contains provisions for autonomous cars, bike paths, and walking trails. We think this will requires wider roads that can include more modes of transportation and, therefore, will require more materials to build.

Amtrak gets more funding and this could mean more ballast needed to add track capacity.

We are also interested in seeing what will become of the Acts grants for “advanced transportation and congestion management technologies deployment.” More often than not, we are affected by transportation problems and congestion when we deliver machines and components. We think we will be able to serve our customers better if traffic is managed more efficiently.


In short, we are looking forward to the next few years and we thank congress for moving our infrastructure forward.

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