Crushing Service 2nd Million Man-Hours

May. 17, 2012

Mellott Company has achieved an Occupational Health and Safety milestone.

On March 25th 2012, Mellott Company reached 1 million work hours without a lost-time accident for the second time.  And it looks like 1 million hours is just the beginning: as of today, we are at 1,042,936 work hours without a lost-time accident. There is a direct correlation between a safe workplace and a successful company we are extremely proud of the contributions that our employees are making to Mellott Company’s continued progress in 2012.

What it is:  An incredible accomplishment by an outstanding team of dedicated individuals!  One Million Consecutive Safe Hours for the second time in the company history. 

What it means to Our Team:  Elimination of injuries allows our team members to maintain their health, maximize their earning potential, and be available for those who matter most ~ family and friends. 

What it means to our organization:  Safety represents our first Core Value.  We have a responsibility to provide our team with all of the tools necessary to create and maintain a safe workplace.  As a result we see improved morale, increased productivity, decreased costs (which improves our competitive position), and unequaled performance.

What it means to our clients:  One Million Safe Hours is possible only through a team that is committed to safety.  Your participation as a part of the team ensures safe performance.  Exceptional performance in safety also decreases our insurance costs, which in turn decreases our overhead.  Our clients enjoy more competitive pricing and increased value for their investment.

What it means to our industry:  In the process of pursuing and reaching our goal of One Million Safe Hours, we have implemented new practices and processes that necessarily impact the other companies with whom we work.  As a result we have the ability to expand our influence on safety beyond our team to include others in the industry. 

Remember, Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Respect and Excellence is what Mellott Company is all about!

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