Emergency Crusher Break-down Service Offered by Mellott Company

May. 30, 2019

During the life cycle of rock crushing equipment, you may experience mechanical failure that will require quick repair or replacement of major crusher components. Many times due to the age of the crusher (30 years old), customers are at the mercy of the availability and lead time of non-stock parts which can significantly increase your downtime and expense to replace. In cases such as these, rebuilding and machining may be the more attractive alternative to consider. 

Rebuild and machining process

The non-operational crusher equipment will either be shipped to Mellott Company’s service facility for inspection or, if possible, inspected on-site. Either way the crusher equipment will be evaluated by a team of professionals. All critical areas of the equipment are visually inspected and detail-measured taken with a micrometer. Next, the full inspection report is generated, outlining the required machining, followed by a written service proposal.

Upon customer’sapproval, the part of the equipment that requires machining will begin with thermal stress relief and weld process, and machined back to original factory specifications. The part is then reassembled, painted, prepped for shipping, and returned to get the customer back up and running.

Why choose rebuild and machining?

Why choose to have your equipment rebuilt and machined over just having it replaced? Machining costs are usually lower than new part replacement due to labor and transportation costs.  Also, a service crew can be mobilized to provide onsite mobile machining of the equipment. Larger components may not always be available from the manufacturer. Machining the larger components in house or on site provides more plant up-time for the customer than if they were to wait for the part to be manufactured and shipped from the factory.

Fast crusher rebuild and machining Services?

Mellott Company machining services can assist in any difficult situation. With nearly 100 years of industry expertise and knowledge, we’ll do what it takes to get you back up and running. Mellott Company houses its own rebuild and machine shop with the experts who have rebuilt thousands of crushers.

Lastly, Mellott Company offers trade credit for crusher core components with the purchase of a rebuilt major components.  The Mellott Company Component Exchange Program (CXP) is another way that Mellott Company is providing the best emergency support in the industry.

Find out more about Mellott Company’s machining services by visiting our website at http://www.mellottcompany.com/services/mellott-machining. Don’t let your equipment break down. Contact Mellott Company today!


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