Employee Spotlight: Jon Sweger

Apr. 19, 2022

Jon Sweger, Mellott’s Superintendent of Field Crushing Operations, has been with us since December 9, 1990. In his time at Mellott, Jon has had many memorable moments, but one stands out the most. Jon recalled, “We left at midnight to go to Charlotte, North Carolina, and then we worked all day after we arrived there.” There are a lot of very long days in the field services division of Mellott. Working a 12 to 14 hours day is commonplace, along with working seven plus days in a row. Jon walked me through a typical day, “Once we get the plant up and running, we get the cones adjusted and start cleaning up around the plant. If we have liners that need to be cut out, we work on that and we work all day to get everything ready for shut down so we can do maintenance on the plant.”

Jim Levy, Mellott's VP/GM of Crushing and Service Operations, had this to say regarding Jon, "Shortly after I was hired, Jon was the 3rd supervisor I worked with, and we were in Appling GA, at the time. Jon was said to be a little rough around the edges when I was first sent to work with him, so I didn’t know what to expect. After starting to work with him I ended up spending a few years working for Jon, and in fact he was the last supervisor I had before I became a superintendent. We hit it off and were inseparable. To explain the gratitude I have for that man what he showed me and what he pushed me to do, at that time not understanding why but looking back, he saw the potential, and he pushed it to the fullest. I have the utmost respect for him, and Thank You will never be enough. Jon has the greatest work ethic I have ever seen. He can make snap decisions and fix anything. His problem solving and desire to figure things out go unmatched. He is hilarious and would give you the shirt off his back.  I am where I am today in large part because of Jon."

After a long day Jon enjoys relaxing with his family. “I have a wife, daughter, son and a grandson we take care of.” He spends most of his off time with them and Jon also enjoys hunting when he finds the time in his busy schedule. Jon is originally from the southern Pennsylvania area and has lived here his entire life. Mellott was the perfect place for Jon as it was close to home and having been from the area, he knew about Mellott and he had a leg up because he knew what an aggregate was.

There are a lot of places Jon could have chosen to work and we’re rocked that Jon picked Mellott. He’s been with Mellott for 31 years and counting, and during that time Jon has made his mark on the company in so many positive ways, plus Jon has been a great teacher too for the future generations of Mellott. When reflecting on his time with Mellott he said, “I have worked for Mellott for a long time, and I have seen a lot of changes.” Mellott hopes Jon is around for a lot more changes as we head into the future of our industry.

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