Eric Clark Earns Safety Value Award

Dec. 22, 2016

CAPTION: Eric Clark, Safety Value awardee, and Paul Mellott, Mellott Company

Mellott Company continues the journey of Values Based leadership. The intent is to give employees the tools they need to make the right decisions in their everyday work. Annually, since 2007, the company recognizes several employees who have exemplified one of the five company values: Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, and Excellence. The employees are rewarded with an additional week of paid vacation, a certificate of recognition, and an embroidered winter coat. This year, the awards were again presented by Mellott Company Chairman Paul Mellott.

The certificate of recognition reads:



Eric Clark

Eric’s natural strengths of planning and scheduling are vital skills in helping to manage the high volume of work flowing through his department.  He has transferred these “strengths of production” into our safety and quality efforts. Eric is an active participant in the safety recognition program and has served many years as a Safety Squad Leader.  One of the greatest attributes of being a leader is recognizing the importance of helping to develop more leaders around you. Recently, Eric has shown this type of initiative by stepping back from the Safety Squad Leader role and helping to mentor other employees wishing to gain this valuable experience.  We are pleased to honor and recognize Eric with this award for leading in the area of Safety.     

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