Fling Wins 2014 Values Based Leadership Award for Respect

Feb. 03, 2015

Pictured, from left: Todd Fling; Paul Mellott, chairman.

We celebrate our 2014 Values Based Leadership (VBL) winners.
The winner in the Respect category is Todd Fling. Congratulations!
All winners get an extra week paid vacation in the year following, and a certificate to recognize their achievement.

Todd's certificate reads:

"RESPECT - Todd Fling , Lead Assembler, Fabrication

Teamwork, Fulfillment, and Self-Esteem

Todd has been with Mellott Company for over 20 years and has always worked with a positive drive that is infectious. He has the ability to make people feel comfortable by demonstrating respect for them as a person first and worker second. Todd has a very unique quality of character that blends his thoughtfulness, determination, care, and sense of humor with his many talents and abilities. His work ethic is second to none and he strives to develop the mutual respect necessary to build positive relationships. His special sense of humor nurtures a healthy environment for teamwork to flourish. Todd is a major contributor to the success of the fabrication shop. Exceeding expectations in every assignment is his norm. A few examples of his contributions include: safety and productivity improvements in the design of our screen hold down table, equipment and facility maintenance, lock-out-tag-out training tools, safety squad leader, quality inspections, employee training, new equipment research, and overall shop leadership.

Thank you, Todd, for being a person that values others and for helping to build an effective team."

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