Good Times Predicted: Pit & Quarry Magazine 2015/16 Outlook

Dec. 22, 2015

The linked article was written before that passage of the multi-year transportation bill, which is good news in itself. With that in mind, Pit & Quarry's outlook on the industry for 2016 looks even better.

When the aggregates industry does well, Mellott Company does well as we support many functions in the industry. Of particular interest to our company is this part of the article: According to Timetric, the biggest drivers of construction growth will likely include the need to modernize aging infrastructure, the renewable energy sector and a growing population in the United States. Residential construction was the largest market during the review period, followed by energy and utilities construction as the second largest. Since Mellott Customers tend to provide materials to infrastructure construction sector, we look forward to this prediction coming true.

As a values-based leadership company, where safety is top value, we want to congratulate Martin Marietta on their accomplishment of 50 percent improvement in the safety record of their acquired businesses.

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