Got Gold in Your Bone-Yard?

Nov. 13, 2014

New lease on life: a cone crusher gets the full treatment at the Mellott Company Service Facility in Warfordsburg, PA.

Every quarry seems to have a “bone yard”, a place where old machines go to rest and rust. Seemingly they are there until the price of scrap steel is good enough to get them hauled out—but wait! Why settle for pennies on the dollar when you could get a good price for your old “boat anchor”? We are looking for old crushers, “dead or alive”, and we could take your crusher on trade or buy it outright. We take old crushers and put them through our shop and return the crushers to market. International customers who are not in a position to buy new are hungry for good machines, even if a few years old.
We look for brands like Symons, Nordberg, Metso, Lippman, Cederapids, Hewitt-Robins, and many others.

Give us a call and let us turn your bone yard into a gold mine.

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