How You Can Rebalance Your Inventories This Spring

Mar. 17, 2021

On the heels of what’s been a snowy winter on the East Coast, many crushing operations have naturally found themselves with imbalanced product inventories.

That’s because winter weather slows crushing operations – but it doesn’t necessarily slow product sales. As a result, products are sold without inventory being restocked at a replacement rate.

Now, as the weather begins to warm up and crushing can ramp back to full capacity, there’s market demand for product, but there isn’t always adequate inventory. And, unfortunately, imbalanced inventory can lead to missed sales opportunities and a negative impact on profit margins.

At Mellott Company, we’re here to help.

Our services can allow you to meet market demand quickly as full-scale crushing season arrives. Here are four ways we can help you to rebalance your inventory this spring.

1. Setting up re-crush circuits.

There’s high demand in the spring for ½” minus asphalt aggregate – but many crushing plants haven’t been able to crush to those specifications for a few months. Instead, they’ve been crushing to different sizes, leading to a buildup of inventory at different specifications (like ¾”).

One simple way to rebalance this inventory is to re-crush it. Re-crushing circuits can allow plants to convert larger products (like ¾”) into smaller products (like ½”) without having to extract and crush new material. It’s an efficient way to augment your inventory of the most in-demand products.

Get in touch with the team at Mellottfor more information about how we can help you set up a re-crush circuit this spring.

2. Rent crusher equipment.

Another way to rebalance your inventory is to rent crusher equipment as you scale up your production this spring.

Rental equipment can allow you to augment your existing capabilities or enact a specific application that’s outside of your current capabilities.

For instance, if you need to set up a re-crush circuit for a limited period of time, we can provide you with the ideal crusher to help you convert your product to new specifications. Or we can provide you with equipment that will allow you to quickly ramp up crushing capacity and replenish lower inventory levels.

We can rent nearly any crushing equipment you need, including:

  • Rock crushers
  • Screens
  • Track / wheeled plants
  • Conveyors
  • Bins
  • Wash equipment
  • Environmental equipment
  • Grinders
  • Screens / trommels
  • Shredders
  • Miscellaneous equipment

View our purchase and rental page for more information.

3. Use Mellott’s contract crushing services.

Of course, we don’t just provide equipment – we use it, too. If you need both equipment and operating help, our contract crushing servicesare an ideal option to get the most value from your quarry.

You can continue operating your own crushing plant and bring in our services to supplement your production so that you can refill your inventory. We also offer developmental crushing to help you turn over-burden into usable product. And you can even use our contract crushing services to handle everything.

From portable on-site services to full-on greenfield development, our team is equipped to help you meet market demand and capitalize on the material you have.

4. Choose to rebuild a crusher.

Finally, you may also choose to rebuild an existing crusher so that you can augment your production with a machine that’s proven to be reliable.

One of our favorite machines to rebuild is the Symons 7’ cone crusher. These crushers are practically legendary in certain circles; some have been running since the 1940s. If you have one that’s beginning to run into issues, it may make sense to rebuild it.

We are able to reach and inspect parts from any facility you operate to restore these machines to full OEM. Generally, we can get at least 75% or more of their original useful life out of them. Given many have run for 50+ years, that’s a significant length of time.

And that’s only one type of crusher. We can also rebuild track-mounted crushersto full OEM specifications, too. Our program includes free inspection, pick-up, and delivery of your machinery, and the Mellott guarantee that your equipment will be like-new at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

If you have a spare crusher that’s currently offline, now is a great time to opt for a rebuild as you consider ways to increase your throughput.

Get the right crushing equipment and service this spring.

While inventory imbalances can be costly, we’re confident that our products and services can help you to efficiently rebalance and meet market demands.

At Mellott Company, we’ve been helping the aggregate industry to meet its crushing needs for over 50 years. Whether you need contract crushing, new equipment, or application expertise, we can support you.

Get in touch with us online to get started, and here’s to a great spring crushing season.

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