The Importance of Education in the Crushing Industry

Aug. 20, 2020

Knowledge is power, so the saying goes. There’s certainly truth to it. 

In the aggregate industry, we have found that empowering our people with knowledge through education allows growth – they can level-up their skills and careers and take pride in the work they do. Ultimately, empowering our people with knowledge allows us to serve our customers with excellence.

That is why we have created systems that emphasize employee education and development. Education is a win for everybody.

Here’s how we make education a priority at Mellott Company. 

The Foundation: Mellott University

Our educational initiatives start with an innovative program we call Mellott University.

We teach high schoolers and new hires.

The program is available to incoming high school seniors in Fulton County Pennsylvania for school credit (and it is also available to recent graduates). Students that participate spend half the day in school and half with our company, getting real-world skills and instruction on a valuable trade. Those that graduate from our program (and more than 90% do) get immediate career opportunities within our organization.

High schoolers are only one segment of our student population. We also enroll all of our new hires in Mellott University Classes, and everyone learns together. Many of our new hires come with experience in other industries but need to gain skills specific to the aggregate industry. Mellott University ensures that we provide these folks with a fundamental base of knowledge specific to our industry so that they’re prepared to do their job well.

In serving both groups, the program is both a service to our community and an integral part of our onboarding process.

We provide classroom and shop environments.

All Mellott University students participate in two hours of classroom instruction and two hours of shop work each day.

In the classroom, students are taught the principles they will need to know in order to work in the aggregate industry. In the shop, they get to put those skills to use with hands-on training from rock crusher parts operation and service to hydraulic and electrical fundamentals, with everything facilitated by expert teachers.

 We facilitate built-in mentorship.

Speaking of expert teachers, mentorship is a huge part of Mellott University. We tap experienced employees – some with more than 20 years of experience, some with more than 40 – to work directly with our Mellott University students.

Mentors are available for every skill track. That means that the students who are pursuing sales roles get to work with a sales veteran, while the students pursuing welding (or anything else) get to work with someone who’s been in that field for decades.

We tailor our nine-month curriculum to the students’ career paths.

This custom-made approach to each student’s education is part of what makes Mellott University special – like the mentorship opportunities, our educational content itself is tailored to each student, with curriculum that’s based on their chosen career paths.

We have a base level of fundamental knowledge that is taught to all students – things like how the industry works and basic skills like safety, hand tools, and operating equipment. From there, students learn the skills that are most applicable to their interests and future roles. 

All coursework involves structured syllabi and assessments to make sure that learning is effective. The entire program takes nine months to complete, beginning in September and concluding in May in tandem with the end of the school year. When students finish the program, they have the fundamentals of the crushing industry down, and they have a head start on obtaining a position with Mellott Company.

The Next Level: Continuing Education

We are proud of Mellott University, but our focus on education doesn’t stop there. Once our employees have completed the program, they are entered into ongoing educational initiatives. This continual education is how specific skills get taken to the next level. 

For instance, you might learn basic machine function at Mellott University – but, through continuing education, you might learn how to completely take apart and rebuild a machine.

It is all an effort to better serve our customers’ needs.

At Mellott Company, that is what everything comes back to – our desire to serve our customers well. With better knowledge, our people are empowered to do better work for our customers, and, along the way, they can grow, too. 

Knowledge is power, and education is a win-win.

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And if you’re interested in learning more about Mellott University (or about a career at Mellott Company), please visit our careers page. 

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