Important Considerations When Purchasing Equipment for Next Season

Oct. 24, 2018

As winter approaches, it’s a good time to review your equipment needs. New purchases represent significant costs. But they’re investments that, if considered correctly, can generate substantial returns as your plant’s productivity increases.

That means that making the right equipment purchases is crucial.

Here’s what you should consider this winter as you look to purchase new crushing equipment.

Review equipment that needs to be replaced.

Your first step is to identify all equipment that’s in need of replacement. Inevitably, crushing equipment will wear down over time and usage. At the end of a long crushing season, some of your equipment may need to be replaced.

As previously discussed, it’s important to review the following components:

Screens: Look for signs of wear in the forms of tears or holes. This will be a big giveaway that replacement is needed, but also monitor the material passing through.

Conveyors: Look for signs of wear and tear and monitor volumetric capacity. If material is consistently spilling over the edges, replacement is needed.

Crushers: When newly-installed parts wear out too quickly or crusher production declines below acceptable quotas, a replacement is likely needed. Replacing crushing equipment at the right time will boost your plant’s capacity and ensure that, come springtime, you’ll be well-positioned to produce at maximum output and quality.

Consider future production requirements.

A second major factor to consider when targeting new equipment purchases is future production requirements. Be sure to factor in the type of product and the capacity of product you’ll need to produce.

Product Type: Each year, market demands fluctuate for different product types. If you recognize that demand for the 57s you produced previously will be outstripped by demand for 8s in the upcoming year, you’ll need to be prepared to crush your material accordingly. That’ll likely require purchasing new equipment.

Capacity: If your plant was producing at its full capacity this year and you recognize that you’ll need to ramp up production next year past that level, you’ll be best served by purchasing new equipment.

Consider plant optimization.

You shouldn’t only consider crushing equipment purchases out of necessity. Even well-functioning plants can improve with optimization. New crushing equipment can take plants to the next level, unlocking greater production capacity and resulting in increased profitability for your operations.

When you’re considering new equipment purchases, look for options that will improve your existing plant.

Consider a plant audit to identify areas where efficiency could be increased. Our applications team can help. They’ll look at everything from crusher performance to how the conveyors are feeding equipment, offering actionable insights to improvement.

Consider the installation process.

Once you’ve identified the equipment purchases that can most benefit your crushing plant, it’s time to consider how the new equipment will be installed.

The offseason is an ideal time for installation, since it allows new equipment to be implemented without impeding regular production quotas. Schedule accordingly; adapting a new crusher to an existing foundation should only take a few days but implementing an entirely new foundation could take months.

While capitalizing on scheduled downtime in the offseason is a great idea, it is also important to test equipment functionality and check that everything is prepared for the upcoming season.

At Mellott Company, we can help with installation and plant design, too, to ensure that your new equipment is set up and ready to crush to maximum capacity.

Looking for new crushing equipment? Get in touch.

As the season winds down, be sure to keep in mind considerations to maximize the capabilities of your plant. Mellott Company has what you need: new equipment and crushing parts that are built to our high quality standards, the expertise that’s needed to implement them correctly, and an outstanding level of customer service to ensure continual success.

The knowledge of our company is based on deep experience in the crushing industry that’s been honed and proven over decades of service. Are you considering new crushing equipment? Mellott Company has a variety of new equipment in our inventory. Get in touch to request a quote!

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