Iron Worker Installed; Yield Massive Boost in Production

Jun. 05, 2014
Iron Worker

Iron worker cuts angle profile steel to size.


Orders flowing into Mellott Company has moved company managers to justify the installation of an iron-working machine, which has improved the speed at which angle iron can be hole-punched and cut to length.

“When we were looking at the justification for the machine, it was five to seven times faster to use this type of iron worker,” said Greg, fabrication operations manager at Mellott Company.

“Take for example a walkway bracket; it takes us a minute-and-a-half to make it in the new machine,” said Kevin, iron worker operator. “If we did it by hand, it would take us forty-five minutes to make,” he said.

“It will be a real boost to what we do here,” said Jonas, fabrication equipment manager.

Mellott Company designs, engineers, and fabricates customized processing plants for industries that handle hard and abrasive materials, such as aggregates, slag, and recycled building materials. Recent orders have increased and Mellott Company is taking advantage of the opportunity to hone the manufacturing edge with improvements to the machine fleet.


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