Justin Jordan Earns Excellence Value Award

Jan. 11, 2017


Caption: Operations Manager James Levy (to the left)  presents the 2017 Mellott Excellence Value award to Justin Jordan

Mellott Company continues the journey of Values Based leadership. The intent is to give employees the tools they need to make the right decisions in their everyday work. Annually, since 2007, the company recognizes several employees who have exemplified one of the five company values: Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, and Excellence. The employees are rewarded with an additional week of paid vacation, a certificate of recognition, and an embroidered winter coat. This year, the awards were again presented by Mellott Company Chairman Paul Mellott.


The certificate of recognition reads:




Justin Jordan


Excerpt from recent employee feedback…

“It is with great enthusiasm that I write in support of Justin Jordan, Superintendent Castle Hayne Quarry.  It only took a few short days to become thoroughly impressed with Justin's quality of workmanship, professionalism, and integrity.  He is committed to every aspect of his job including safety, production, communication and most of all teamwork. As I am sure you know, we have safely produced as many tons by the end of September this year, than we did all of last year.  Since his arrival, we have made improvements across the board in safety awareness, production and especially morale.  I enjoy coming to work and strive to accomplish goals again.”   




This is the kind of leadership Mellott Company needs to build the future of our company. 


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