Local High School Seniors are Put to the Test

Apr. 25, 2014
SFHS 2014

Southern Fulton High seniors tour the Mellott Company fabrication facility.

One of the ultimate tests in adult life is the job interview. Each year, Mellott Company gives local high school seniors from Southern Fulton High an opportunity to hone their job interview skills. In past years, Mellott Company managers would put seniors through individual “mock job interviews” where the senior would have to explain why they are the best candidate for the job. The students are then given feedback on their performance and a chance to hone their skills for the time when they are applying for a real job. However, this year it wasn’t Mellott Company managers that did the interviewing—instead, the students faced managers invited from businesses in the local community. The idea is to broaden the knowledge base among the interviewers and give the students a chance to interact with several types of businesses.

The students also tour the Mellott Company campus and get to meet with members of several different departments within the Mellott Company corporate structure. The tour included interacting with fabricators, welders, information systems specialists, engineers, mechanics, crusher technicians, the human resource manager, the chief operating officer, the safety manager, and even the chief executive officer, Paul Mellott. Mellott is the innovator of the mock interviews and facility tour because he strongly believes that education is one of the cornerstones of a successful career.

In a note to the company after the event, one of the chaperoning teachers, Missy Barton, wrote “I just wanted to say thank you once again for setting up the Senior day at Mellott Company.”

“ We genuinely appreciate the investment that you make in the future of these students,” she said. She continued “They always have positive feedback and truly enjoy the experience; from my point of view, this is an important skill that you are giving them the opportunity to practice, plus…I don’t think many of them realize just how many opportunities there are in your company.”

Mellott Company employees are proud to give a helping hand to the future of our country and we wish these student all the best on this long, strange journey called “life”.

Mellott Company is a leading supplier of rock crushing equipment and a distributor of Metso brand aggregates equipment, such as rock crushers, stone crushing machines, and screening machines.

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