Mellott is Bigger Than You Think and Does More Than You Know!

May. 06, 2022

Mellott has grown a lot over the last 100 plus years, and we do quite a bit more than you may think. Our history of precision is impressive and our Service Spectrum is even more so. What you probably know about us is that we rock the aggregate industry with our huge selection of Metso parts and equipment, but did you know our engineers design plants? Roger Reimold, Chief Engineer said it best by saying, ”Is Crushing stone science or art? Here at Mellott we think it’s a little of both.  The Systems engineering group provides the science to create the most up to date stone crushing tools for the industry artists.  Our never-ending goal is to ensure those tools are always the latest innovations in the industry from equipment selection, material handling, wear materials and automation.”

Which leads me to our next business segment, contract crushing, which you probably know we do and have done for the longest out of any of our business segments. Jim Levy, VP/GM of Crushing and Service Operations, spoke about our future in his division, “Contract crushing is the core competency and foundation of our company.  It provides us with the opportunity to use the equipment we sell and support, provide training to our entire organization and provides every department within our organization the true meaning of the word plant down.  So, you when you call Mellott for any crushing, service, parts, or equipment need we truly understand the urgency of your situation.  As we look to the future contract crushing will continue to be the foundation of the organization, with strategic equipment placement to minimize freight, hiring local and remote workers, as well as strategically placed service centers on the east coast we will be able to remain competitive in the marketplace, have quicker turnaround of our equipment to continuously provide top notch crushing services to our customers.” 

Service is an important part of our spectrum of specialties. Mellott takes great pride in our service department and their ability to turn a 30 plus year old crusher into a top-notch performer again. Ron Teeters, Mellott’s Service Manager, is leading our service team to new levels of excellence. “Service add things that cannot be bought, and that is safety, integrity, commitment, respect and excellence” Ron Teeters, Service Manager.

 “Our equipment service is what differentiates Mellott from any other service provider, with again our foundation of crushing, our factory trained technicians not only have the experience in repairing the equipment, but the backing of operational and applications understanding.  When we sell a piece of equipment or a part it doesn’t end there, we sell it with a promise, a promise to continue to support you, your machine, and your operation long after the sale is complete.  We do this by having 40 plus service technicians throughout the east coast.  As we look to the future, we will continue to grow our service capabilities by strategically placing service centers throughout the east coast along with providing rebuild programs, machine inspections, machining, core swaps, complete rebuilds and training on your equipment for the life of the machine.” Jim Levy, VP/GM of Crushing and Service Operations,

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