Mellott Company Employee Spotlight: Eric Clark

Aug. 22, 2019

Eric Clark started at Mellott Company on November 29, 2000 with no manufacturing experience.  Eighteen years, 8 months, and 26 days later the Assistant Production Supervisor and Paint Shop Lead is stepping away from the company.  Eric and his family will be moving to central Florida in late August, and he is taking a job at Jacobs Technology as a Machine Technician. Clark said that when he started here, he saw himself being here until he retired.  Eric has stayed incredibly active during his time at the company.  He said his biggest challenge at Mellott was keeping up with all of the projects and jobs that he needed to do.  It is indisputable that he has faced that challenge head-on and came out on top, and is thanked for his tireless contribution to the company. 

Jacobs Technology is a worldwide company with locations across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and India.  Their mission is to be the world’s premier design, engineering, construction, and technical services firm.  Eric will be doing preventative maintenance and working on CNC machinery and other shop equipment.  Jacobs Technology is subcontracted through NASA and Eric’s father has worked as an engineer there for about 40 years, so Eric knows the company quite well. It was a difficult decision for him and his family to make, with hours and hours of thought going into it.  Eric’s family was the biggest factor in this decision for him.  Eric’s father is nearing retirement age, and Eric wanted to have the opportunity to work close to his father while he still can.  Eric also has additional family in Florida, and being closer to them was what ultimately led to his family’s decision.

Eric’s wife and son will be making the move to the Sunshine State with him.  His son would like to begin underwater welding and his wife will be a CNA at a hospital near their new residence.  Eric said his family is eager to get there for the new opportunities. Eric was unable to pinpoint just one thing that he will miss the most.  There are so many things that will be difficult for him to leave, but he did say he will not miss the cold winters.  He is most looking forward to simply being around family after he makes the move to Florida.

When asked what the best thing about his time at Mellott Company was, he said without hesitation, “The friends.  They’re not coworkers, they’re family.”  While it is sad to lose such a diligent, knowledgeable employee after almost two decades, Eric is leaving for all of the right reasons.  We would like to thank Eric for his hard work and 18 plus years of service.  We sincerely wish you the best of luck on this new journey for you and your family. 


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