Mellott Company Promotes Going Green

Sep. 01, 2011

Driven by a desire for its operations to be more efficient and environment friendly, Warfordsburg, PA based Mellott Company recently invested heavily into a campus-wide energy savings project.  This green initiative included the retrofitting of existing campus lighting with more energy efficient fixtures.   The Company also installed devices designed to reduce energy consumption by the Company’s HVAC and other electrical systems.  The project will reduce energy consumption on campus by an estimated 296,960 kwh per year thus lowering the amount of fossil fuel byproducts (carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide) released into the environment.  The benefits equate to planting 85 acres of trees per year or removing 47 cars from the road per year.  When asked about this initiative, Mellott Company President Rich Blake stated, “We are already seeing benefits from this upgrade.  We all feel better about not wasting energy and saving money doing it.  Saving energy is the right thing to do.”

Mellott Company partnered with Facility Resource Group (FRG, located in Frederick, MD) on this important project.  FRG is a market leader in green initiatives and offers solutions with balance between conservation and investment payback.  “We…provide sustainable, measurable facility improvements that lower operational expenses while allowing our clients to be environmentally responsible.” said Todd Otis, FRG President.

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