Mellott Leaders See Values at AGG1

Mar. 25, 2013
Mellott Company Leaders at AGG1

Mellott Company leaders share a casual moment in San Antonio. From L: Brian Bell, Russ Witmer, Paul Mellott, Jim Minnichbach

SAN ANTONIO--Several Mellott Company managers and executives attended AGG1 in San Antonio, Texas, March 19-21. The website describes AGG1 as an event that features “in-depth industry-focused educational programming and comprehensive exhibits that showcase the latest technologies and innovations in aggregates-related equipment, products and services.”

AGG1 is an opportunity for Mellott representatives to meet with friends from other companies, look at new equipment and tools, and attend seminars to learn more about the business of making aggregates.

Chairman Paul Mellott said, “My thoughts about this convention would center around my interest in the industry's acceptance and excitement in Values Based Leadership (VBL).”
“Many senior managers, from across the country, were interested in learning more about VBL after the presentations Monday by Charlie Luck and John Pullen, and after the keynote address Wednesday by R.C. Buford, the GM of the San Antonio Spurs,” Paul said.

Vice President of Sales Jim Minnichbach kept an eye out for ideas that would benefit company customers. “I looked at other manufacturers’ ideas and thoughts on designs for plants, modular equipment, and wheeled machines. I’m looking for equipment that has quick-and-easy setup and teardown for both our customers and for us.” Jim also took the opportunity to attend a seminar on plant optimization and efficiency, conducted by Martin Marietta Aggregates, Rogers Group, and Luck Stone. “These companies discussed items like best practices for design and horse-power reduction through benchmarking,” said Jim. “Good ideas from three major producers,” he said.

Vice-President of Parts and Service Brian Bell said, ”I saw some great plant tracking-and-efficiency-reports through our beltway scales—up-time, down-time, and production efficiency data that can be sent wireless.”
Brian also remarked on a "modular", 750-ton-per-hour plant that Telsmith presented at AGG1. “All modules are designed in weldments and set on site,” Brian said.

President Rich Blake was struck by information he learned at a seminar that focused on lean screening, maximizing production, and average selling price. “Man, this seminar hit home,” Rich said. Increasing production has always been a priority for producers, but in recent years the decrease in overall demand has made it just as important for producers to increase the product's average selling price and focus on production yield. Rich reported that the current economic climate demands that aggregates companies balance sales volumes with production while minimizing fines or waste production. “At the same time they have to limit cost to increase the production of sellable aggregates with limited or no capital,” he said. Some potentially costly factors to watch for are over-production of unsellable product; hidden costs of moving products around; idle-time of equipment; over-processing products, like washing stone that doesn’t need washing. One oft-overlooked factor that can cost a company is lack of effective communications. “All employees must understand the percentage of production yield and how to measure it,” Rich said.

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