Mellott Minute: Motor Control Center under construction

May. 08, 2014

We are building a new motor control center (MCC) that will be used in the new, portable aggregate processing system we are constructing for a customer in Pennsylvania. The MMC is completely modular in design and breaker modules maybe replaced individually in a very short span of time. The configuration of the system is also relatively easy to modify. The MCC also contains one soft-start for a 400hp motor and a soft-start for each of two 200hp motors. The ampere-rating for the MCC is 1600amps.

The aggregates processing plant features: one Metso C125 jaw crusher; a Metso HP400 cone crusher; a 66STD cone crusher; a 6x20 screen, and; a 7x20 screen. The MMC will also deliver power to about 14 conveyors of various dimension.

As the MCC is housed in a sea-land type container, it is highly portable and can easily be hauled to a new location. To keep dust and moisture from affecting the function of the electrical components, an air conditioner system is part of the design.

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