Mellott Reward & Recognition Program - 2010 VBL Awards

Dec. 01, 2010

SAFETY - Phil Garver, Pilot

Phil has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to the safety culture from his first day on the job. Safety influences his decision making process whether at work or play. He excels at recognizing risk, minimizing risk, and then determining if that risk is acceptable. Phil accepted the responsibility for the Flight Service’s safety program one year ago, and the result is a clear and present example of our company’s number one priority - SAFETY.

Promoting a healthy and safe culture

INTEGRITY - Jeannie Pryor, Accounting Services

Jeannie’s task of following up with customers on collections and accounts receivable can be extremely challenging. It requires courage, authenticity, consistency, and a strong desire for doing “the right thing”. Jeannie balances the needs of our organization and our customers and truly inspires trust and confidence. Her dependable nature forges the bonds that can endure the cycles of business. Jeannie’s efforts have clearly served to strengthen the INTEGRITY of our company.

Inspiring Trust and Confidence

COMMITMENT - Kelly Cornell, Superintendent

Kelly demonstrated his COMMITMENT to and our operations by relocating to the Maryland Materials area in North East MD. His relocation has shown a responsive and action-based leadership style and demonstrates his confidence in our company, our employees, our products, and our partners. Kelly has developed his career with , and his leadership in the Maryland Materials project has been instrumental to its success. Kelly has significantly contributed to our culture that promotes personal and career fulfillment.

Achieving stability in our relationships

RESPECT - Jason Myers, Welder

Jason has developed his career with through hard work over the past years and has grown into a leadership role. His efforts to build teamwork, fulfillment, and self-esteem are evident in the productive relationships that have emerged within the fabrication shop team. Jason has recently developed our RESPECT value by sharing with his team the methods that he learned to help understand and influence people. Jason’s enthusiasm and initiative to lead in this area of our Values exemplifies the outcome of Respect.

Teamwork, Fulfillment, and Self-Esteem

EXCELLENCE - Dave Coleman, Aggregate Service

Dave delivers results. He meets, or exceeds, the customers’ expectations on his service calls. His knowledge of parts and equipment adds significant value to the customer experience. Dave’s willingness to travel and meet the demands of his job has strengthened the service department’s ability to achieve optimal results for . His career development mirrors the outcome of EXCELLENCE stated in our corporate values.

Achieving Optimal Results

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