Mellott Rocked Shippensburg University’s 2022 Job & Internship Fair

Apr. 08, 2022

Mellott loves to get out and about. Last week we ventured to Shippensburg, PA for Shippensburg University’s Job and Internship Fair. They had students from multiple universities in attendance looking to expand their horizons and enter their chosen career fields. While there we had a chance to chat with Loralee Isbell, Executive Director, Career, Mentoring, & Professional Development Center and Professional, Continuing, and Distance Education, at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, and she had this to say regarding the event, “The relationship between employers and institutions of higher education is more critical than ever. As employers seek to fill labor shortages and upskill their incumbent workforce, higher education looks to prepare students with employability skills and provide them with expanded experiential learning opportunities while using their expertise to develop workforce training. Shippensburg University is poised to partner with regional employers to support the ongoing needs of career design and workforce development.”

Representing Mellott at the even were our very own Carly Swope from the Mellott Marketing Department, along with a new member of the Mellott family, Molly Deneen, Talent Acquisition Specialist. This was Molly’s first show, and she was truly excited for the turnout and the numerous eager and talented students in attendance. When asked about her thoughts on the event she said, It was awesome to see so many young people, not only from Shippensburg but also from surrounding areas in attendance. They presented themselves with integrity and respect, some of our basic values, and were motivated and driven to join the work force. Connections were made with several future engineers and business majors, who in the future could be an asset to Mellott.”

Not everyone knows about aggregates and their importance in our lives as we know them. It’s always wonderful to educate people on what we do at Mellott and how important it is. Carly reflected on that, “Students of all majors, engineering to human resources, stopped by our table inquiring about our company. Many were very intrigued with what we do and the many ways that aggregates play a role in their everyday lives. We may not hire every student that stopped by our table in the future, but we were able to educate them about the industry in a very short timeframe.”

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