Mellott University 2019 Graduation

Jun. 05, 2019

Graduates from left to right: Ben Weaver, Eaven Gordon, Richard Weller

Mellott Company wants to give a big congratulations to our students for graduating from Mellott University this past month. In our 4th year of running the university, we successfully graduated three students, each eager to learn everything there is to know about the service and crushing industries. Over the past nine months, students gained a good foundation for rebuilding crushers, hydraulic and electrical fundamentals, including how to troubleshoot basic service problems, as well as recognize a variety of crushing applications. Students completed our in-house shop coursework where they learned from industry experts, as well as daily classroom teachings and online learning activities. All three students have decided to continue to work in our service bay as full time-service technicians!

Mellott University is a program housed and run by Mellott Company. From September to May students can work in the service industry while getting the proper training and education needed to help them become first class service professionals. Juniors becoming seniors in high school, and recent high school or college graduates are highly encouraged to join the program. Sign up for Mellott University today by going to our careers page. And check out the photos below of the students learning in the shop!

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