Mellott University Starts Careers-Part 1

Feb. 21, 2018


As a high school student, Dillin had plans to join the military after graduation—but then a letter in the mail piqued his interest to go a different direction. The letter stated that Mellott University would host a job fair where current high school seniors would be welcome to learn more about the education and career paths Mellott can offer motivated people. Through family and friends he had already heard good things about working with Mellott Company, and the opportunity to attend a risk-less career program sounded great. So, he decided he wanted to learn more about Mellott University.


At the job fair, Dillin learned that the program is structured to allow him to complete his high school studies, while at the same time earning wages as a Mellott University student. While attending the Mellott program, Dillin and his fellow students would get to learn valuable material in a classroom setting, as well as experience invaluable hands-on-training in the Mellott facilities. Then, upon completion of Mellott University, as well as graduating high school, he would be able to employ these skills in a full-time position with Mellott Company. In addition, the education would also come at no cost to himself, unlike many other higher-education programs offered by private institutions. Dillin reviewed the information, decided this sounded like a good opportunity, and submitted his application.


Soon after, Mellott Company called and invited him to an initial interview, where Tony Valente, Mellott University director, discussed what Dillin’s job would entail and the opportunities that could result from attending Mellott University. During the interview, Tony sensed that Dillin seemed a little unsure of his career options, but was nonetheless enthusiastic about the opportunities Mellott University could provide.  After the interview, Tony and the Mellott Human Resources department concluded that Dillin would be a great fit for Mellott University and accepted him into the program.


As Dillin attended Mellott University, Tony noticed that Dillin is a hard-working individual who enjoyed learning the various materials offered in class. He also would not let any new challenges get in his way. Instead, he tenaciously adapted to situations and learned how to move past the obstacles he faced. Dillin learned a lot, not only in class but in the shop as well, which made him feel well-prepared to work for Mellott Company, he said. Upon graduation from high school, Dillin had also completed Mellott University and Mellott Company offered him a full-time position as a mechanic.


Tony and Dillin agree that the transition into a full-time position was sometimes challenging, but Dillin felt he had help along the way and continuous training that helped him succeed. Tony noticed this as well and thinks the additional structural training gave Dillin a head start with the position and a bright future with Mellott Company.

Dillin feels that Mellott University is a great opportunity to receive a higher education that will lead you into a promising career.

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