Mellott University Starts Careers-Part 2

Apr. 30, 2018
Mellott University

Before hearing of Mellott Company, Zach pursued higher education in automotive/diesel training. After graduation he worked full time as a diesel mechanic, but was unsatisfied with the benefits that came along with the position. Through family and friends, Zach had heard positive things about working with Mellott Company, and he decided to apply for a diesel mechanic position.

After going through the interview process, he was offered a job by Mellott Company and he decided to start a career with them! When Zach started his new job, Ramesh Patel discussed Mellott University with him. He learned that while attending the Mellott University program, Zach and his fellow students would get to learn valuable material in a classroom setting, as well as invaluable hands-on-training in the Mellott facilities. In addition, the education would also come at no cost to him, unlike many other higher-education programs offered by private institutions. Zach was excited to have the opportunity to learn new skills, and decided to attend Mellott University.

During his time at Mellott University, his teacher Ramesh Patel noticed that Zach was a very attentive student who was willing to help in the education of others. Ramesh also noted that Zach was excited to learn about new topics, such as hydraulics and electrical information. Upon completion of Mellott University, Zach transitioned into an auto/diesel mechanic in the shop, but is also able to work as a service technician in the field. Zach loves that he is constantly learning new skills on the job, and that the Mellott employees are always willing to help out.

Both Ramesh and Zach feel that Mellott University gave him a fast track into working with heavy machines, and will benefit him during his career with Mellott Company.

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