New Mellott Plant Begins Production

Nov. 20, 2013
Mellott Plant

The latest aggregate processing system installed by Mellott Company began production, on schedule, in the beginning of November 2013.The picture shows the surge pile that provides a buffer in the process. The plant is fed by Caterpillar haul trucks that are loaded at the face and carry material to a primary crusher that is mounted on the level below the secondary part of the plant. The secondary section of the plant re-crushes over-sized particles and forwards sized material to a wash-screen that cleans and separates the final products.
The plant is located in an established quarry and replaces an existing plant that reached the end of its service life. Corrosion and metal fatigue was prevalent throughout the old plant and the customer decided that it was more economical to install a modern Mellott Company plant, rather than try to patch up the old facility.

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