New Mounted Repair Center Rebuild Success

Nov. 19, 2021

In the aggregate industry, worn-out or damaged equipment is a never-ending story. 

Seemingly, no unit or machine can escape wear and tear or outright wreckage. The machine gods of destruction don’t care if it’s rented to personally owned. 

Nothing comes close to the frustration felt when a vital piece of equipment stops working in the middle of an important job. Essential resources, revenue, and time can be lost. However, if companies and facilities want to succeed, they must keep their equipment fully functioning for as long as possible. 

When things go wrong, many complications instantly arise, and help must be found quickly. Said companies and facilities need a way for their nonfunctioning equipment to be repaired in good time. 

Enter Mellott Company. Our new Track Mounted Rebuild Center is ready to provide efficient and effective solutions to equipment problems. Extensive or minor repairs, old or new equipment—we are up for the challenge.

To demonstrate our capabilities, we’d like to share a Lokotrack LT300HP mobile cone crusher’s journey from a worn-out unit on its last legs to a fully functioning piece of equipment ready to tackle new jobs. They say the proof is in the pudding. So please enjoy our virtual pudding. 

Too Many Problems 

Our story begins in western Pennsylvania. The LT300HP cone crusher had been rented out to a facility there for a crushing operation. The unit had been running well and was in use almost 24/7. 

Unfortunately, the crusher began to show signs of damage. It didn’t take long for it to become inoperable. 

That’s where Mellott Company’s Track Mounted Rebuild Center comes in. The broken unit was transported to our facility in Wardfsord, PA, to begin repairs. 

To begin our repair process, our technician crew assessed the entire unit from “head to tail.” 

After this extensive inspection, Mellott Company technicians discovered extensive issues. Our technicians found problems in almost every component of the unit. Some of the damage highlights include:

The cone crusher needed a complete overhaul.

The gearbox used to drive the cone also required a considerable number of repairs.

The unit frame was bent out of level about a half-inch from the right side of the chase to the left.

The list of needed repairs went on and on. This unit’s repair would take time, skill, and patience. Thankfully, Mellott Company’s Track Mounted Rebuild Center was prepared.

Our Strong Solutions

In the end, our technicians decided to disassemble all the major components, including the cone crusher, gearboxes, conveyors, feeder, primary hydraulics system, and more. By doing this, they would be able to repair every damaged part or reseal any parts that needed it.

The cone crusher itself was completely overhauled. All the parts from the mantle to the engine were inspected, repaired, or replaced. This process went very smoothly, and our technicians could complete that repair in our usual efficient manner. 

However, the LT300HP’s gearbox used for driving the crusher was not such a quick fix. Almost every part in the gearbox needed to be replaced entirely. Consequently, the technician crew completely disassembled the gearbox. Mellott Company ordered new clutches, seals, and bearings.

It took a few months for the parts to arrive due to machine parts shortage. Ultimately, our technicians rebuilt the entire gearbox with new parts and reattached it to the unit. 

Another challenge came with bending the LT300HP’s frame back to its proper level. Moving that frame, a half-inch was successful. The main benefit of releveling the frame was eliminating any harmful harmonics and vibrations of the unit while it was running.

The freshly reassembled Lokotrack LT300HP mobile cone crusher was almost ready to get back into action. But, before that, the unity received a full service of oil. Then, our technicians ensured the viability of the repairs by testing the unit under no-load and loaded conditions.

After months of hard work, the Lokotrack LT300HP mobile cone crusher repair was completed! 

What happens next?

Many Moving Parts

Before we reveal the fate of our cone crusher, we must give credit to some major players. First, Mellott Company would not have been able to finish the repairs on this unit without the people involved. 

Our team of technicians in the Track Mounted Rebuild Program. Our crew have taken e-courses from Metso Outotec and are certified to repair many types of units. They completed all the inspections and repairs.

Speaking of Metso Outotec, this company provided all the major parts for the repairs. Mellott Company was also happy to work with more local manufactures to supply smaller replacement parts. To sum up, teamwork made this machine work.

Are You Ready for Success?

As of right now, the revived LT300HP cone crusher is on its way to the Southern U.S. to start another job. This rebuild is just one success story of the Mellott Company Track Mounted Rebuild Center. 

Here at Mellott Company, we’ve been working with machinery for over 30 years. Whether it’s a brand-new unit or an old favorite, we know how to keep them running smoothly. Mellott sells uptime. We even use our Rebuild Center to keep our equipment in prime condition. 

If you want to repair an LT300HP unit or another type of unit, don’t hesitate to call us at 800.634.5634 or visit our contact page to schedule your free inspection.  

We want to connect with you to find the exact service or part you are looking for today. 

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