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Dec. 03, 2015

Aggregates Contract Crushing by Mellott Company

The marketer is often tempted to mention who the company’s customers are. After all, if a successful customer transacts with us, it can be a powerful testimonial to present to other customers, as if to say “Widget, Inc. is successful and they use our goods and services—you might enjoy a similar success if you use our good and services for your projects.”

So, what does the marketer do when the customers are very successful but and enough to be part of your everyday lives? Why, we climb up to the internet rooftop and use our media platforms to virtually shout to the world “Mellott Company bid on and was selected to provide [BLANK] to [BLANK] at [BLANK] for [BLANK] in [BLANK] by [BLANK]”.

“What kind of testimonial is that?” you might say.

Well, it’s the kind of testimonial that we can release after we sign the confidentiality agreements. These projects are so big, or sensitive, that the contracting organization prefers that nothing is said at all about it, for the sake of keeping the competition at bay. And who can blame these enormous, privately held, stock-exchange-listed organizations for wanting to keep their edge? We would do the same.

What we can say, is that we have worked with, and continue to work with, companies known to just about every consumer. If agreements like this were not necessary, it might sound something like “Mellott Company has signed a contract to provide contract crushing services and aggregates equipment for a new, underwater, multi-billion-dollar test-track that General Motors is building in the Nevada desert to test cars that feature 100-mpg-technology.” This is a completely hypothetical example, but the point is Mellott Company is the contract crushing company that gets hired to the work behind the scenes and support the success of great enterprises. We are proud of this, even if it’s confidential and we can’t tell you about it. At least not until the agreement expires…if it ever does.

In short, the next time you need contract crushing services done right and out of the competition’s eyes, enter the secret code “800-634-5634” into your smart device to speak to our experts about your plans and projects. 

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