Poor Electrical Maintenance Examples That Will Shock You!

Aug. 25, 2022

Poor Electrical Maintenance Examples That Will Shock You!

Mellott has a history of being the go-to in the aggregate industry, so when it comes to knowledge regarding rock crushers, we have the answers. Below you will find a list of poor maintenance examples, that will let you know why you may have equipment issues. Knowledge is power, and we want to help you succeed, because when you partner with Mellott, you’re getting the best in the industry. So, without further ado, here’s what not to do:

Poor Maintenance Examples:

  • Panel was exposed to shock or vibration damaging fastening points of components
  • Panel was not properly sealed, or plant was operated with the enclosure open allowing dust and moisture into the enclosure
  • Wireways damaged and not reinstalled after maintenance

Now that you know what not to do, we want to get into what you should be doing to keep downtime low and your uptime high. Ron Teeters, Service Manager at Mellott, offered the following tips to keep your equipment running, and in top notch condition:


  • Always keep all enclosures sealed and closed during operation
  • Perform routine inspection and cleaning to electrical enclosures 
  •  Isolate all vibration from electrical panels / components
  • Ensure that wires are properly secured and protected from potential abrasion or impact damage
  • Always use qualified personnel to perform any electrical testing and or maintenance.

If and when your equipment needs serviced, Mellott is the trusted OEM-Authorized choice for all makes and models of crushers, with over 70 years of experience! https://www.mellottcompany.com/services/equipment-service

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