Preventative Maintenance: The Best Practice When Buying Crusher Parts

Oct. 11, 2017

Equipment that is used daily is going to break or wear out over time, it’s just a fact of life. This is especially true when it comes to crushers because parts will continuously break down or wear out. To stay on top of these breakdowns, you’ll need to have replacement parts on hand, or order them to ensure you stay on schedule. In order to keep ahead on replacing parts, it is important to have a preventative maintenance plan.

Preventative maintenance allows companies to track the functionality of their machines. This includes keeping a daily record of the three key elements in any good preventative maintenance plan: temperature, coast-down time, and pressure.

During the daily checks, the inspector will take notice to wear on the equipment. At that point, certain questions come to mind, such as, “What part do I need to buy? What do I need to change? What do I need to look at?”

Throwing Money Away

Although preventative maintenance can save companies time and money, some companies struggle with implementing a preventative maintenance plan, or they don’t take the time to implement it correctly.

As a general rule, everyone will talk the talk, but it doesn’t necessarily get to the ground. There are some companies that are great at having and maintaining a full preventative maintenance program, and then there are others who struggle to execute the program. Then there are also some who will talk about it, go through the motions, but won’t take advantage of the end result – cost savings.

Having preventative measures in place allows companies to schedule downtime and prepare before a breakdown. When there is no plan in place, the company is forced to schedule around the breakdown without warning.  What could have been a brief pause in production becomes an emergency that employees scramble to fix. Preventative maintenance plans will provide quicker turnaround when you need to replace parts. Monitoring the big three– temperature, coast-down time, and pressure – will help you see problems before the arise and plan accordingly.

It will be important to decide what parts will soon need to be replaced, and whether or not you have them readily available. When you have the parts necessary to perform maintenance, you can then schedule downtime to replace the parts. This will minimize the time your crusher is out of commission, as well as save you money.

Belief in the Process

It’s very important to believe in using a preventative maintenance program. This includes reading an owner’s manual when you are buying new equipment. Many people do not read these, but being familiar with the company’s guidelines for maintenance of the equipment will not only teach you what to look for, but it will also extend the longevity of the equipment.

It’s important to remember that waiting until the machine is out of commission to preform maintenance will end up costing the company time and money. Preventative maintenance will always save your company money over time.

Replacement Based on Tons of Material Crushed

There are times when you’ll regularly need to replace parts based on how much tonnage has gone through the machine. Getting the most wear life out of your liners is quintessential to having a cost effective crushing plant.

Any part that comes into contact with the product should be changed out at a very specific time. Changing wear parts out too early will cause you to lose money by underutilizing the part however changing them too late will cost you production and could possibly harm your machine. Keeping an eye on your wear life helps you have a good idea as to when you’re going to need to order parts, have them on the ground, and ready to change so you’re not waiting until you find a hole that’s worn completely through a structural component.

If you wait until that happens, it becomes a much larger expense, since it involves shipping replacement parts overnight, or having significant downtime because you have to wait on the part to become available.

The Importance of Training

The Mellott Company offers preventative maintenance training to our customers. When you purchase a new piece of equipment, a standard complementary training will be provided. This includes learning about preventative checks, proper maintenance, proper operation, and more.

Once a year, The Mellott Company offers training sessions to all of its customers based on the criteria of their equipment. The Mellott Company also offers on-site training. Taking advantage of these training programs will help you have a successful preventative maintenance plan.

For the Right Training and Parts, Trust Mellott

At The Mellott Company , we strive to offer not only the best equipment and parts, but also the best service for our customers. To accomplish this, we offer preventative maintenance training, [to help our customers save. Commitment to our customers is very important.

From sales to service, we’re here to help our customers succeed. To learn more about buying equipment or replacement parts, or to find out more about our preventative maintenance training, contact us today.

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