Stone Crushing Plant Protection—Fabrication Facility Gets Better Paint Equipment

May. 23, 2013

Greg the Fab Manager was in a really good mood yesterday. He announced that our new paint equipment was installed last week and is now in operation. I think he is excited about that all the expected advantages are becoming realized and the system is working extremely well. For instance, we don’t need any thinning required in the paint drums; two applicator men are able to spray at the same time, so we basically doubled our spraying capacity; and the paint coats build up quickly, which allows us 6 wet-mills in one pass and 12 wet-mills in two passes, which cuts our applications time about in half. Add to this a control panel that allows us to now more accurately measure paint used throughout the course of a day. He said the “boys” in blast and paint are very pleased. Another example of how Mellott Company keeps investing in better technology. Greg says the next step is honing in on the proper spray tip size for the best controlled application and the guys will be working on a manifold that will let them do a fast color change over between three colors and thinner, if needed. Greg gives a “Great job!” shout-out to Dave Gates, Jonas Smith, Andy Barkman, Tom Mills, Eric Clark, Tremayne Williams, Jesse Fetters and Mike Maliszewski. We think our paint jobs need to be done well, because it’s the first thing the customer sees and a good layer of paint also makes equipment last that much longer.

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