Surprise Visitors

Aug. 04, 2022

Mellott was thrilled to welcome Pennsylvania Senator Dr. John Joyce, Misty Wagner-Grillo, Constituent Services Representative, and Frederic Sottnick, Legislative Assistant, to their campus in Warfordsburg, PA. Mellott’s President and CEO, Rich Blake, had this to say regarding the Senator’s visit, “We are very fortunate to have U.S. Representative John Joyce, M.D. take time to get to know our business, and more importantly, our people.”

Senator Joyce toured the entire campus and made two stops to speak to the Mellott employees and took time to answer questions as well. Senator Joyce commended the Mellott employees and said, “I appreciate the opportunity to swing by and say hello to you. Keep doing what you’re doing. What you do here at Mellott makes not only Mellott a great place to be, but it makes America and American highways the great infrastructure that we need. I wish continued success to each and every one of you.” (More of Senator Joyce’s speech here: )

“It was inspiring to see that he shares our values. He understands the aggregates industry and why jobs like ours are essential to the future of our country. We are grateful to have Dr. Joyce working hard every day in Washington to protect small town America. “, said Rich Blake, President and CEO of Mellott. In addition, Senator Joyce was presented with a check from ROCKPAC for his continued support of the country’s infrastructure.

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