What Makes a Mellott Crusher Worth More?

Jul. 29, 2014

Geared up: A technician checks a gear ring for defects.

We tear a rock crusher down to its individual pieces to make sure we know exactly what we are offering to our customers. We are not comfortable with offering warranty for machinery that we have not carefully inspected and rebuilt. This picture show an example of the care we take in our refurbishing efforts. These gear rings are one of the inner most components of a cone crusher. We remove the gear from the crusher. Our technicians inspect it several different ways and refurbish as needed. The gear is magnafluxed to determine if there are cracks finer than a human eye can detect. The dimensions are checked with micrometers to ensure tolerances. The technicians check each and every tooth for burrs, and pitting, and excessive wear before we allow the gear to back into the machine--and that’s just the gear! We treat all components with the same care.
Because we are rock crushers—just like you—and we appreciate the value of a reliable machine.
Because we sometimes have to use the crushers for our own contract-crushing operations and we love uptime as much as anyone.
Because it’s the right thing to do.
Because we are Mellott Company.

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