What Parts Should You Check or Replace Heading into Summer?

May. 21, 2018

Even the best machines need maintenance.

In any system, parts and components regularly need to be checked on, fixed, and replaced. Without regular maintenance, the system won’t work properly, and will start to break down.

This is true of crushing plants. Even the best machines need maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

This is especially true coming out of the winter and spring seasons, because a lot has happened during the colder months of the year. The temperature has fluctuated, humidity levels have shifted, and there’s been snow, ice, and rain. Through it all, many crushing plants have sat mostly inactive, or, at the very least likely haven’t been producing at full capacity.

So, before the heat of summer arrives and the prime of crushing season comes with it, it’s important to ensure that your crushing equipment is ready to go – that you’ve done the required maintenance and checked the necessary components to keep your systems optimized.

With that in mind, here are the parts that you should check or replace heading into the summer season.


The conveyor components of a plant are essential to carrying materials throughout the system – but without proper care, they can break down.

Be sure to check:


What to look for: Idlers can wear the belt out quickly if they aren’t spinning properly. Check to make sure that they are not only spinning but doing so at the proper resistance. Additionally, check to make sure that there are no holes and that they’re aligned.


What to look for: Make sure that pulleys aren’t damaged, bent, or worn.


What to look for: V-belts are susceptible to dry rot and cracking over the winter months. Check to make sure that they’re undamaged.


What to look for: Check to ensure that the guarding doesn’t have holes – or that it’s not missing in places altogether.

Emergency Stop Switches

What to look for: Perform testing to ensure that emergency stop switches are functioning and can fully stop belts.


What to look for: Check for friction loss between various components and any signs of surface wear.

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Crushers themselves are subject to a variety of intense and heavy forces when in use, and when that is compounded with inactivity during the winter months, a thorough review of system components is needed. Make sure to check:

Electric Motors

What to look for: Visual damage or debris building up on the motor. Check the bearings for vibrating, unusual sounds or wear and tear. Check the motor windings for burn marks, odors or cracks.


What to look for: Ensure that oil flow is sufficient. Take samples to ensure that there are minimal levels of metal in oil, and change if necessary.


What to look for: Check for signs of surface wear, and any tearing or fading that may suggest the necessity of replacement.


What to look for: We’ve written in depth about liner wear before, but in terms of physical analysis, the best way to check a liner for replacement is to measure from the dust cover down to the top of the adjustment ring. The distance will start at a certain height and will decrease as adjusted down for wear.

Air Filters

What to look for: Check to make sure that air filters are clean. They may be able to be cleaned by air flow (something as simple as blowing them off), or they may need to be replaced.

Screens and Feeders

To ensure the flow of materials, screens and feeders must be properly maintained as well. Be sure to check:

Screen Media

What to look for: Check to make sure that there are no holes in the media so that larger components aren’t being admitted.

Deck Frames

What to look for: Check to make sure that there are no cracks or wear in the frames.

Grizzly Bars What to look for: Make sure that grizzly bars are rebuilt and hard faced to maintain sizing of material being removed.

Wash Screen

What to look for: Check the nozzles on the spray bars to ensure that fluids can flow properly.

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Get the Replacements You Need to Keep Your Plant Running Smoothly

So, there you have it: a quick list of crusher components to review as you head into peak crushing season during the summer months. Don’t neglect your equipment – keep it functioning at maximum capacity by carefully adhering to maintenance standards and replacing parts before they hurt the system.

And, if you need replacement parts for your crusher, get in touch with us. At Mellott Company, we’ve been maintaining crushers for decades with dependable parts and services. Find and purchase the crusher parts you’re looking for in our online product listing or get in touch with us online if your needs are more specific.

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