Why Choose Contract Crushing?

Apr. 17, 2018
Contract Crushing

Are You Considering Contract Crushing?

At Mellott Company, we offer contracted services for developmental crushing, supplemental crushing, green field development, and abandoned sites.

The decision to utilize contract crushing is an important one, but the guiding principle is the same one you use when deciding whether to use any service: will this service perform this job more efficiently?

As you activate a crushing site, using contract crushing is often a more efficient choice for a variety of reasons. For our purposes here, we’ll focus on three of the primary ones: cost efficiency, capability, and long-term site potential.

Let’s take a look at each.

1. Cost Efficiency

There’s a lot that goes into a crushing operation, in terms of time, labor, and cost. There’s market research to weigh. There’s plant design to consider. There are equipment investments to be made.

All in all, implementing a crushing site requires a big expenditure of capital. But with contract crushing, that expenditure can be made more efficient.

That’s true for the same reason using a plumber is more efficient: even if you have a total working knowledge of plumbing, you probably don’t have all of tools and equipment necessary to do a job. You’d need to purchase all of the equipment before that would be possible.

A professional, on the other hand, would’ve already made the capital investment, so paying for their service would tend to be a more cost-efficient choice. Similarly, choosing contract crushing means forgoing the capital expenditure of having to purchase crushing equipment, which can be expensive.

So: if you have purchased crushing equipment ready to go, contract crushing may be less appealing. If you have not yet purchased crushing equipment, or if you don’t have the resources available to dedicate crushing equipment to a new site, contract crushing may be a better option than making a new purchase.

 2. Capability 

Your crushing capability versus the capability available through contract crushing is another factor to consider. What amount of material will you be processing? What type? How much product will need to be output?

Contract crushing offers access to enhanced crushing capability. If you need to crush large amounts of material, you can. If you need to produce product that requires different equipment than what you currently have, contract crushing can help.

Simply put, if you’re looking to expand your crushing capability without purchasing equipment, contract crushing can help.

At Mellott Company, we offer both large volume and small volume crushing. Our large volume crushing includes crushing 300K tons or more, from muckpile to stockpile, with 250 to 600 TPS capacity plants. We can output washed products, and mobile or non-mobile equipment.

Our small volume crushing includes crushing 100K to 300K tons with 100 to 250 TPH capacity plants.

 3. Long-Term Site Potential

Finally, the long-term potential of the site is another factor to consider when weighing the value of contract crushing. 

Perhaps the most straightforward translation of long-term potential is the length of time you expect to utilize the site. The longer you expect to be onsite, the more likely investing in your own plant makes sense. More short-term operations may not be worth the investment. However, there are other factors to consider as well, from expected production quotas to usage of the plant at the end of the site’s activity.

Our contract crushing engagements typically range from one to seven years. It’s not uncommon for a client to use contract crushing until market demand is proven, and then to install their own processing plant when it is – it’s a straightforward way to reduce risk. It’s also not uncommon for a customer to simply purchase the contracted plant, should that make sense.

Next Steps for Contract Crushing

Hopefully, weighing these factors has been helpful as you consider whether or not contract crushing may be right for your situation.

As you do, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. At Mellott Company, we’re proven industry leaders in contract crushing, backed by decades of expertise, trusted processes, and innovative tools.

Our contract crushing services can improve your crushing cost efficiency, allow access to increased crushing capability, and set you up for long-term success.

If you’re considering contract crushing, let’s talk. We’ll work to understand your unique situation and offer helpful consultation on the plan and methods that may be most effective at your site.


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