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Model: Doppstadt INVENTHOR Type 6 Slow-Speed Shredder

Manufacturer: Ecoverse
Inventory #:


  • Heavy-Duty Shredding Shaft

       - Length: 7' - 2"

       - Diameter: 24"

  • 15-Tooth Shaft Configuration with 174mm Tooth Size
  • Extremely Efficient Direct Shaft Drive
  • Comb Pressure is Adjustable, Depending on Various Materials and Product Sizes Desired
  • Load-Sensing System with Nitrogen Accumulators Allowing Comb to Break Away and Reposition During Operation
  • Rear Conveyor

        - Length: 23'

        - Width: 40"

        - Hydraulically Foldable with Antimagnetic Center Section

  • Longitudinal Conveyor

        - Length: 9'-6"

        - Width: 32"

Smart Hopper

  • Hydraulically Retractable Hopper to Expand Feeding Area
  • Controlled by Remote Control


  • Mercedes-Benz/MTU Diesel Engine 6R1300, 350 HP @ 1,700 RPM
  • Certified EPA Tier 5
  • Shredding Shaft Driven VarioDirect Drive
  • Fuel Tank: 132 Gallons
  • Large Fold-Out Doors for Maintenance 
  • Maintenance Friendly Engine Compartment with LED Light System
  • Hydraulically Reversible Fan Wheel
  • Central Lubrication Banks

VarioDirect Drive

  • Shaft Speed is Adjustable Independently of the Diesel Engine due to Hydraulic Assist 
  • During Operation, the Shaft Direction can be Reversed
  • Shaft had a Reversible Cleaning Mode
  • In the Event of an Overload or General Shredder Malfunction, the Automatic Operation will be Stopped
  • The Machine can be Started with the Full Torque while under Load

Electrical/Control Panel

  • 24V Control Panel System
  • Complete Remote-Control Including Sender, Receiver, Loading Cable 12/24V, Loading Cable 230V, 2 Batteries, Holding for Sender

Remote Control System Functions

  • Lift/Lower/Fold Rear Conveyor
  • Open/Close Comb Gate
  • Open/Close Shredding Comb
  • Lift/Lower Optional Magnetic Belt
  • Lift/Lower the Retractable Hopper
  • Doppstadt Telematic Monitoring System for Remote Diagnostics and Control Panel Access by Factory Trained Technician 


  • Steel Tracked Undercarriage with 2 Speeds, Ideal for Rough Terrain
  • 16" Triple Bar Grouser Pads
  • Driven by Track Drive with Adjustable Motor
  • Total Weight: 53,000 lbs.
  • Audible Starting Signal
  • Fire Extinguisher, Maintenance Ladder, Tool Box for Ease of Maintenance 
  • Paint: RAL 2011, Deep Orange


  • Neodymium Over Brand Magnet/Frame/Chute for Rear Conveyor
  • Limiter System


  • 2-Year or 2,000 Hour Machine Warranty
Doppstadt DW 3060K ShredderGet a Quote

Model: Doppstadt DW3060K Shredder

Manufacturer: Doppstadt
Inventory #:


  • Shaft length 10'
  • Shaft Diameter: 24"
  • Extremely efficient direct shaft drive
  • 21-tooth shaft configuration 
  • Comb pressure is adjustable, depending on various materials and product sizes desired
  • Heavy-duty comb place into position by hydraulic rams with nitrogen accumulators allowing comb to break away and reposition during operation preventing damage to machine
  • Hopper width: 13'3"
  • Rear conveyor: Length 23' Width 48"

Engine, Mechanical and Hydraulics

  • Mercedes-Benz/MTU diesel engine 6R1300, 430 hp
  • Certified EPA Tier 3
  • Fuel tank 158 gallons
  • Consumption approximately 8GPH
  • Hydraulic cooling system
  • Automatically reversible fan
  • Central lubrication banks
  • Fluid coupling power transfer
  • Connection for additional hydraulic component
  • High-torque hydraulic motors for conveyors 
  • Electric pump for control of cylinder while at standstill

Electrical and Control Panel

  • Doppstadt telematic monitoring system for remote panel access and diagnostic by factor trained technician
  • 24V control panel system
  • Complete remote control including sender, receiver, loading cable 12/24V, loading cable 230V, 2 batteries holding for sender