Mellott Company EcoBack Material for All of Your Crushing Needs

Environmentally friendly, easy and safe to use, Mellott EcoBack is the future in safer backing and trouble-free shipping:

  • No corrosives
  • Easier to use - safer mixing
  • Readily shipped by ground or air
  • No "hazardous" goods charges
  • Can be shipped with other crusher parts
  • Meets DOT/EU non-hazardous requirements
  • Recyclable plastic pails
  • Meets today's workplace safety concerns

More Reliable Operations
Mellott backing materials offer longer wear, improved performance and lower costs in crushing operations. Our experience working with the world's premier crushers gives us a natural edge in supplying the best backing material to meet your most demanding day-to-day requirements.

Easy and Safe to Use
Designed for ease of use, fast cure times and very low shrinkage, Mellott EcoBack is easy to work with. Mellott EcoBack is non-corrosive and does not contain "nonylphenol," resulting in increased safety and an improved working environment.

Immediate Availability and Top Quality
Mellott backing materials are available for immediate shipment to serve your needs. Because they carry the Mellott name, our epoxy products are of the quality you have come to expect.

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