Continental Conveyor Components

CEMA Super B
The Super B is designed to provide the ultimate in CEMA B idler performance. Years of development, lab testing, and field testing have gone into this exceptional product. The Super B roll utilizes a non-corrosive, engineered polymer head that drastically reduces noise, roll weight, and material build-up.

CEMA C and D
The CEMA C and D (through 60" BW on troughing idlers) rated idler roll allows you to move up to tapered roller bearing technology. HC™ idlers are permanently lubricated and available in belt widths ranging from 18" to 60". HC™ idlers are available in a variety of styles and configurations.

H-Plus idlers are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations with belt widths from 24" to 72". For heavy-duty requirements with value in mind, ask about the HX idler, which includes a deep-groove ball bearing design that exceeds CEMA D ratings.

SDX-Plus idlers are available in a wide variety of styles & configurations with Belt Widths from 36" to 96". For heavy-duty requirements with value in mind, HX idlers include a deep groove ball bearing design that exceeds CEMA E ratings.

Impact Idlers
Impact idlers are typically utilized in the loading area of a conveyor system. They utilize rubber rolls that help cushion the impact and reduce wear on the conveyor belt and idler components. They also utilize a reinforced frame for added rigidity. Impact idlers are available in CEMA C, D, E and F configurations.

Impact Bed
By supporting the conveyor belt and cushioning it against the shock of heavy loads and impact, the Continental® impact bed extends belt life and thereby reduces downtime. UHMW polyethylene bars allow the conveyor belt to slide easily with virtually no additional drag.

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Baldor Dodge, Toshiba, Weg and Beltway Conveyor Components

Speed Reducers
Dodge TXT & TAll from size 3 to size 10 in 15 or 25:1 ratios. Backstops and bushings are available for immediate delivery. Mellott has the torque arms, motor mounts and drive guards for a clean total package.

Mellott has the pillow block bearings you need from Dodge in stock from 1-15/16 to 4-15/16. We carry the S2000 & SCM style, with many other types available upon request.

Electric Motors
Toshiba and Weg motors from 5HP to 400HP in 1200 and 1800 RPM ranges are available for immediate delivery. Whether it’s crusher duty or high efficiency, we can meet your needs. Vertical mount motors are available upon request.

Belt Scales
Beltway Belt Scales offer rugged, reliable design and construction with outstanding accuracy and repeatability. They have a low cost of ownership with a reduced amount of operating/moving parts and require minimal labor for installation. Accuracy can range from +/- 1/2 to 2% depending on the model selected. Integrators can be mounted individually or remote depending on your application. Our integrators offer push button calibration and operation with automatic calibration through keypad data entry. Access protection to safeguard calibration is standard on all units.

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Flexco, Arch and Other Conveyor Component Suppliers

Mellott has conveyor belting stock in widths from 24" to 60". P.I.W. ratings range from 220 to 600, with 2 and 3 ply fabrics and top covers from 3/16 to 3/8. We can cut your beltings to length at one of our branch locations and deliver in one of our delivery vehicles. Belt punching for fasteners is available in some locations.

Belt Fasteners
When it comes to belt fasteners and tools, Mellott represents Flexco, the manufacturer of choice for the aggregate industry. Whether its 140's, 190's or 1-1/2 fasteners by the box or by the bucket, our field sales team can deliver your order. Belt clamps, skivers, templates, etc., are in stock as well for all belt widths.

Arch Environmental manufactures the Gordon, twist tensioner belt scraper with a guarantee for life spring tensioner. Belt widths from 24" to 72" are in stock for immediate delivery. Primary and secondary scrapers are available with installation assistance.

Standard or mine duty pulleys in belt width sizes 24" to 60" are in stock, with diameters from 8" to 30". Typical lagging on head pulleys have 1/2" herringbone design. Plain and smooth rubber available on request. Wing pulleys with heavy duty fin construction, standard crown and straight face design. All pulleys have standard HE hub design.

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